pof2Eight years ago I began my journey as a “seasoned student” to finish my Art degree. As I walked into my first class (drawing) I felt as though I was in the movie Art School Confidential.  The room was filled with easels in a circle, still-life in the middle, the smell of paint, a worn and paint-splattered concrete floor, old wooden drawing benches, and still-life items sporadically placed in corners and on top of lockers and shelves.  So… surreal.

The class was four hours long! I actually remember thinking, “you mean I get to draw for four hours straight, uninterrupted?!!” I was in heaven. I felt liberated. I felt like a kid. I felt a tear in my eye.

I had the most amazing professors, some of which are now friends. I am grateful for their guidance and support. With each class (painting, sculpting, ceramics, advanced drawing, figure drawing, photography, graphic design and printmaking) my love for Art grew deeper.

I am now teaching Art. My hope is to teach my students to be unique, live their dreams, creatively problem solve and appreciate all forms of art.  Most of all…do it now…do not wait.  It will always remain a dream until you start planning and doing it…only then does it become real.

If you are interested in purchasing my art or would like to commission a piece, please contact me at LRStarvingArtist@gmail.com.


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